Youth Unit Programs

  • ON YOUR MARK(s): BEC Youth Experience  

A four (or 5 day) day Gospel-based experience for young people in BEC set-up to deepen the 4 marks of a Christian Community in their neighbourhood. This experience will also give practical tools on understanding and walking with one another as Jesus’ followers.

4 full days

  • Lakbay Weekend Experience 

A program intended for organizing youth in the neighbourhood level. Serve as initiation and evangelization experience using creative and youthful elements. A chance and celebrate faith through faith sharing, prayers and liturgies.

3 full days

  • Tara Na, Byahe Na

Follow-up sessions after Lakbay Weekend Experience with 10 formation modules to deepen their self-awareness and acceptance, family understanding, community building and Faith life with Jesus.

5-6 consecutive weeks

  • BULLE’S EYE:  BEC Youth Leaders Track 1

Looking the youth culture of today and deepening the 5 purposes and targets of youth ministry. This training-workshop will make BEC youth leaders hit the needs and wants of their specific members. 3 full days or 3 consecutive weeks 

(with 1 whole day per session)

  • HEAR ‘YE:  BEC Youth Leaders Track 2

This will help youth leaders to listen to their self and respond to the voices and noises of today’s youth from generation crossovers to life choices and decisions, to deeper faith encounters, to basic issues on human sexuality. 

3 full days or 3 consecutive weeks (with 1 whole day per session)

  • SPELL SMELL: BEC Youth Leaders Track 3

Affirming the disciples in a leader by evaluating their service life and a skill on peer counselling. 2 full days or 2 consecutive weeks 

(with 1 whole day per session)

  • TASTE TEST: BEC Youth Leaders Track 4

Different creative methods on organizing and facilitating skills for BEC Youth leaders. 3 full days or 3 consecutive weeks 

(with 1 whole day per session)

  • TOUCH AND GO: BEC Youth Leaders Track 5

BEC Leadership and Social Involvement. A look in today’s young people reflects a downward trend in social action and leadership. Setting the fire from the spirit of Social (re)Action to the Spirituality of Social Participation. 

5 full days or 5 consecutive weeks (with 1 whole day per session)

  • Catch The Vision, Live The Dream

The workshop aims to expand our way of looking at youth ministry. Orientation to the basic foundations and principles of Youth Ministry. Deepening on the main components of journeying with the young and how to concretize this in actual practice. Preparing a youth pastoral plan intended for a particular setting of young people.

4 full days

  • From Desert To Spring: Designing Retreats and Recollections For The Young

How can retreats and recollections be spirit-filled and relevant? How can it become a God Encounter for the young? This workshops aims to assist youth and adults facilitators in designing and facilitating retreats and recollections. It will have a deeper analysis on the personal, relational and spiritual components of a person’s development. It will explore creative techniques and strategies on theme starters; bible exercises and reflections; liturgies and prayers.

5 full days

  • Youth Ministry Alive: Creating Liturgies For Youth And Children

Foundation sessions on liturgy and liturgical celebrations. Workshops to explore different creative forms and expressions. Designing meaningful and attractive liturgies relevant for the young.

5 full days

  • Community Journey

An experience of togetherness as young people from strangers to community. A fun and exciting discovery of living a common life as brothers and sisters with Christ in the context of faith community.

3 full days

  • Youth Bible Camp

A creative and youthful orientation to the Scriptures. Discovering the Bible story as their story.  Introducing the Scriptures (History and Background, Old and New Testaments)  using various methods and approaches to make the journey a truly meaningful and interactive experience.

4 full days

  • Mission Camps

An invitation to discern on our call to mission and vocation, the camp gives a youthful and contemporary look at the challenge of mission in daily life and beyond. Offers practical workshops to express missionary call in the world today.

3 full days

  • Camp Beatitude

A youth camp aims to spread happiness by reflecting the eight blessings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount according to the gospel of St. Matthew.

3 full days

  • Camp Kabathalikhaan

This program is inspired by the Laudato Si, an Encyclical Letter of our Holy Father, Pope Francis, on care for our common home. Seriously looking at the devastation that is happening to our environment, the camp aims to make the young people aware of their connectedness to mother earth. The camp hopes to lead the young towards an awareness of their internal being and how this is expressed as they relate with Mother Nature.

4 full days

  • Bahay Kubo: Family Camp

Inspired by Amoris Laetitia; document by Pope Francis, this family camp is an interactive and experiential process for the whole family leading to openness, trust and intimacy. An experience of living and creating memories together camp style and a chance to strengthen family ties in fellowship and sharing.

3 full days


  • Grade 1: iCreate

Will reflect on the story of creation in a very animating and educating way with songs, games and dancing as part of prayers and liturgies. 

Half day

  • Grade 2: iLove

Story telling about Love of God, loving our families and others.

Half day

  • Grade 3: Let’s Party

In the preparation for their 1st communion, this recollection was designed for the 1st communicants to look at the Eucharist as a big celebration where Jesus is the main celebrants and each of the participants is His special guest. 1 full day

1 full day

  • Grade 4: Lost And Found

Reflecting on the story of Jesus Lost in the Temple according to the Gospel of St. Luke 2:41-52.

1 full day

  • Grade 5: Lord of The Rings

Using the famous storyline of JRR Tolkien to look at the lives of the students. At this encounter they will look at their friends as part of ‘fellowship’, to appreciate their ‘towers of power’ and to discover the ‘King’ within and to honour the true “KING

1 or 2 full days

  • Grade 6: Jesus in Disguise

Looking for Jesus? Then let us help you find Him. This retreat program for grade 6 students is designed to help participants see Jesus in themselves, in others, in the church and in the world, It will help the participants see Jesus ‘hidden’ in the simplest events in their lives.

1 or 2 full days

  • Growing With A Grateful Heart

Graduation or moving up is not simply time of goodbyes but also a good opportunity to be grateful for the people and events that shaped us. This encounter for grade 6 aims to provide the venue to be thankful for the wonderful years spent in elementary days. 


  • Grade 7: Youth Walk For Christ

This recollection help participants see the Jesus in them and the challenge to be more ‘Christ-like’. It aims to somehow evaluate their lives with the life of Jesus in a simple and non-threatening way.

1 full day

  • Grade 8:
    • Into Your Hands

In the Filipino language, the word ‘kamay’ is used in more than 300 expressions. We would like to use this body part to come home to ourselves and to reach out to God’s loving hands. Through different exercises and activities using the hand, participants will gain insights about themselves and God.

1 full day

    • Being Jesus

This recollection help participants see the Jesus in them and the challenge to be more ‘Christ-like’. It aims to somehow evaluate their lives with the life of Jesus in a simple and non-threatening way.

1 full day

  • Grade 9:
    • Love Life

High school life is basically building relationships – of being accepted and belonging. This recollection aims to allow participants to love the life that they are living and to treasure the relationships that they have.

1 full day

    • Filled By The Spirit

A retreat in preparation for the sacrament of the Holy Confirmation. This encounter will make the participants deepen their understanding about the Holy Spirit by looking the different images around us. Students will also reflect and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

2 ½  days

    • Mary’s FLAT: A Yes to Life

Mary was called for a greater mission. Mary said yes unconditionally and with brave heart she walked on the path ahead her life. What does it takes to become like Mary?  In this generation how do young people will also say yes for a mission that involves social change? This encounter with Mary will challenge the students to befriend their crossroads and follow a path towards social transformation.

1 ½  days

  • Grade 10:
    • Parable of The Pencil

It is surprising how a lowly writing instrument like a pencil can actually teach us profound lesson in life. This retreat aims at using the pencil as a means to look into themselves and the life that they will have to face after high school.

2 or 2 ½ days

    • Running With David

This retreat is actually designed for grade 10 boys. It focuses on the person of King David, the shepherd boy who became one of the greatest kings of Israel. It allows the students to journey with the ups and downs of this character and discovers the David within them.

2 full days

    • Walk With Mary

This retreat is actually designed for grade 10 girls. It focuses on Mary as a woman of courage and beauty inside and out.  What could be her secrets? This recollection for girls helps the participants to see Mary in them and in the process discover the meaning of true beauty.

2 or 2 ½  days

  • Grade 11: Flat Lay

Looking the eyes of Jesus in seeing things in this complicated life. How would Jesus see things and How the participants see things in Jesus’ perspective? This encounter will use significant biblical persons whom Jesus met during his time.

1 full day

  • Grade 12: The Path of Life

All of us are pilgrims on a journey. We travel different paths, some are straight, others rocky and sometimes we encounter a crossroad and we need to choose path to take. This retreat aims to help grade 12 look at the roads that they have trodden their present journey and the path that lies ahead.

2 full days

  • Called to Heal

Designed for medical students who are also wounded healers, who are called to heal but also wounded and scarred.  Let us be empowered by Jesus the Healer and be grateful that we are called to be like Him! In the end, we hope to grow in our conviction not just as professionals but as healers and ministers to others.

1 ½ or 2 full days 

  • Jesus and Me

God has shown his faithfulness throughout generations by being with them at all times.  From him, they would hear the words, ‘I will always be with you.’ And indeed as this statement is said 365 times in the scriptures, God is a God with us. This retreat is a promise that God will never leave us!

2 ½ days

  • Questions and Answers

A semi-silent retreat reflecting the 5 questions of Jesus; Who do you say that I am; What are you looking for; What do you want me do to for you?; Do you understand what I have done for you?; Do you Love me?

2 full days 

  • Mission and Gratitude

A challenge to make a difference from the college courses they are studying. This retreat will also set the participant’s heart in their chosen field to pursue and make everything as a mission answering the great commission from Matthew 28: 16-20

1 ½ day

  • Lost and Found

In this recollection, we wish to discover the areas that are lost in our own lives and see what caused this to happen.  We’d like to gain inspiration from people who were lost but were found by Jesus.  We hope to follow their example and experience a homecoming in Jesus himself.

1 ½ day

  • Walk Your Talk

A faculty retreat designed at looking at Jesus as ‘Ribbi’ – teacher par excellence. It helps the teachers look at their own life as educators and live by example.

1 ½ or 2 full days 

  • Cup Of Life

Using the symbol of Cup, we lead participants to look at their cdups of joy, sorrows and blessings.

2 full days

  • COC 101

The theme and ambiance of this Leadership Training is inspired by the famous online game, COC (Clash of the Clan). But not using modern gadgets and fight with one another; rather this training will support one another to become a better leader by knowing and defeating our real enemies as Clan Of Christ.

1 full day

  • Emoji Leadership

Empowered Model Of Jesus In Leadership. The value of humility, responsibility and service will be taught in the leadership training using games, songs, dance and skits.

1 full day

  • Chess Leadership

Called to be a Humble Example of a Selfless Servant. Using the different chess pieces, students will develop a sense of strategic thinking to harmonize with one another.

1 full day

  • Batang Bayani

Leading with a heart like our heroes and becoming patriotic to our country n the light of Jesus woks and deeds.

1 full day

  • Ikaw Na!

A reflection of the different phases of faith growth: Believing, Belonging, Begetting, Beholding and Becoming.

2 full days

  • E Leadership

Molding a New Generation of Leaders. We live in a very modern and technologically advance society.  A society where social networks like facebook and twitter have become a habit for people, where e-mail is the common mode of communication.  And in this kind of environment we need a new breed of leaders.  Leaders who are not easily swayed by the fast changing society but uses it to his or her advantage.  We need E-Leaders!

1 full day

  • iSYNC: One Move For Jesus

An experience of working harmoniously with one another and with Jesus as their goal. So that when they go back to your respective groups or class, they know what to do as a leader who do not work alone but work hand in hand with his own group.

1 full day

  • Kabataang Bayani

Looking to the loves of our national hertoes, the program aims to challenge students towards becoming leaders rooted in Christian values.

2 full days

  • Next In Line

Owning the call to become leaders of the present and equipping students in basic skills in class management and leadership.

1 full day

  • Servant Leadership

This will help young people to identify the leaders within themselves and develop their understanding and appreciation of leadership development and skills. Also, owning their call to become leaders of the present. Equipping students in basic skills in class management and leadership.

1 ½ day

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